Playing around with beauty

I miss the darkroom and all the patience and magic and surprise and build up that comes with it… I’ve had a lot of resistance around Photoshop and the digital photography world for years. A bit unsure about the fact that you can turn anything into anything and take a million picture of the same image. That the initial picture itself doesn’t really matter anymore since you can do anything during the editing, change the light, the subjects, the color etc.. you name it. So this playing around is a way for me to try to go pass the resistance and see how i can find the magic that can comes with digital editing.. I definitely found the patience part with figuring out the buttons effects and such.. dang it seems like endless possibilities, kind strange and wonderful feeling i would say.


Sunday, Bloody sunday

A classic sunday, coming together and getting S**** done! Building a kitchen in the barn, putting up walls, counter tops, cabinets.. with wood harvested and milled on the land. A well spent day in community. Sharing skills, learning and growing together..

Listen to the wind..

Doing some spring cleaning in my pictures.. I have a few hardrives full of unseen images..

I made a deal with myself that i will post weekly (on tuesday mornings) what i’am finding while cleaning and organising.

I am hopping that from this practice more projects will bloom and clarity will come around my purpose and relationship to photography.

wish me luck and come back for more!

Words VS Images

Alright. So ... blog posting is gently inviting me out of my comfort zone. And that's probably why i often choose images over words to convey emotions, feelings and such. Since school, i always had the belief that i wasn't really good with words. Probably from my writings beingjudged "good or bad" by some ignorant teachers iat school. Before that though, i enjoyed writing and weaving words together to create colorful blankets of stories. On the top of that i am now writing in a language that is not the one i was born and raisedin. I am french and when i first started hanging out with English speakers i would just nod my head and swing my hands as a way tocommunicate. I slowly learnt english and i am now dreaming, thinking, journaling and swearing in english.. To the point that when i go back to France, people ask me where i am from because of my "american' accent in french..????!!! Yeah. Good. Quetion. Where am i from?


That post is about me being on the other side of the lense. I got to model for a live painting class.. It's nice sometime to switch roles and not always stay in that confortable sit that we know so well. So here i am, naked in front of strangers. Surpsingly i felt pretty comfortable and i had fun!

I still had to take some pictures though..

Rushing River inside of me

The waters of the land are flowing free after years of drought. I feel the river inside of me rushing, too. Clearing dead logs, and downstream debris i don't need anymore, creating a whole new path, welcoming in a wild array of possibilities.

Today, i pause and reflect on wisdom received from the rivers that have carried me, pulled me under and let me go: the Eel, el Azul, the Futaleufu, the Colorado and, of course, our precious Yuba. My gratitude goes to them. As i am watching the waters move, always downstream, wild and free, i take note for my own self. Learning to trust the flow and not try to exhaust myself swimming upstream. Learning to see the obstacles, take note and keep focusing on the line i want to take. The one that intuitively knows how to move around, over and through the boulders.

Thank you rivers. Thank you Water