Rushing River inside of me

The waters of the land are flowing free after years of drought. I feel the river inside of me rushing, too. Clearing dead logs, and downstream debris i don't need anymore, creating a whole new path, welcoming in a wild array of possibilities.

Today, i pause and reflect on wisdom received from the rivers that have carried me, pulled me under and let me go: the Eel, el Azul, the Futaleufu, the Colorado and, of course, our precious Yuba. My gratitude goes to them. As i am watching the waters move, always downstream, wild and free, i take note for my own self. Learning to trust the flow and not try to exhaust myself swimming upstream. Learning to see the obstacles, take note and keep focusing on the line i want to take. The one that intuitively knows how to move around, over and through the boulders.

Thank you rivers. Thank you Water