Aventura con Viejita..

Oh what a wild adventure and what a great way to welcome in the new year... We rode car, train, schoolbus, bike and canoe.. within 12 days.. Left home in Nevada city and visited San diego, ca., L.A, Tucson, arizona, Black canyon on the colorado river and the best BAKERSFIELD, ca!!

Climbed untamed mountains, sat by sacred fires, soaked in hotsprings flowing through canyon, float on the colorado river, slept to owl's lullabies, ate campfired food, breakdown on the side of desert roads, slept in bakersfield, ca streets for new year's eve :"/, visited dear friends and familly and said yes to a pretty unknown adventure..

It was good to trust the process. Not be in control of what was gonna happen is usually frustrating for me and this time i decided to trust and see what was gonna happen.. and man, things unfolded pretty beautifully.. Thank you river. Thank you life!