Words VS Images

Alright. So ... blog posting is gently inviting me out of my comfort zone. And that's probably why i often choose images over words to convey emotions, feelings and such. Since school, i always had the belief that i wasn't really good with words. Probably from my writings beingjudged "good or bad" by some ignorant teachers iat school. Before that though, i enjoyed writing and weaving words together to create colorful blankets of stories. On the top of that i am now writing in a language that is not the one i was born and raisedin. I am french and when i first started hanging out with English speakers i would just nod my head and swing my hands as a way tocommunicate. I slowly learnt english and i am now dreaming, thinking, journaling and swearing in english.. To the point that when i go back to France, people ask me where i am from because of my "american' accent in french..????!!! Yeah. Good. Quetion. Where am i from?


That post is about me being on the other side of the lense. I got to model for a live painting class.. It's nice sometime to switch roles and not always stay in that confortable sit that we know so well. So here i am, naked in front of strangers. Surpsingly i felt pretty comfortable and i had fun!

I still had to take some pictures though..