Love Notes

“Making herbal medicine is just one of my friend Claire’s many wild gifts. Mama’s magic creations are medicine for pain and medicine for beauty. Claire’s process begins with her deep love for people and her exquisitely sensitive listening to the voices of the plants. The result of her recipes are these charming little pots of earth magic to soothe, cleanse, brighten and calm the body and heart.” -Lizzie Hart
“Magic indeed! From sore to soaring with just a little rub of mama’s magic!! A real life game changer! ” - Karisha Longaker
“Over the years I’ve appreciated Claire’s creativity and intuitive sensibility which is now skillfully poured into her botanical formulas. Effective, nourishing and creative. I love their feel and healing qualities.” - Giuilia Sbernini
“To say that Mama’s Magic Oil was a lifesaver during my pregnancy would not be an exaggeration. I simply don’t know what I would have done without it. To know Claire is to love Claire and I genuinely believe that energetic frequency can be felt in this oil and in all Claire’s magical potions.” - Casey Carroll


“Mama's magic massage oil Works every time for menstrual cramps!” - Sarah Colman


“Mama's magic massage oil is magic on any part of you that is sore and aching or just needs a little love.”

- Carrie Aginsky