Born atop a lil' mountain in the Sierra foothills, Potin Potions are bathed in moonlight, blessed by birdsong and lovingly crafted near the river that soaks their roots. Made through sacred communion between Woman and Earth, each potion holds enough magic to soothe our ancient and modern needs. 

Potin Potions use all organically (home) grown and respectfully wild crafted ingredients.



When do I use the word “magic”? Only when no other word will do! I experiment with the highest quality plants, unusual ingredients and witchy intuition to transform ordinary self-care products into something transcendent and medicinal. Often, I end up with a regular or unsavory concoction, but when I sample something I make and it exceeds my hopes in a way I didn’t expect, and afterwards I give it to some friends to try and they report unexpected pleasure or unusual healing success, then I call it magic and bottle it up!


I make with the moon and the seasons and with my hands in the garden. I make by listening to my community's needs and the stirrings of my heart to determine what to whip up. .. Some staples never sleep (like Mama's Magic Massage Oil or the remineralizing tooth powder), but most make special appearances at just the right moment. They may come back if they end up being missed..



I used to think self care was selfish But now i realize it's the first step toward taking care of the people around me. And i dig taking care of people around me, and helping them take care of their bodies and skin. speaking of skin, did you know that anything you put on it will be absorbed deep inside? when you put something on skin, you feed it. For that reason i started making my products from stuff we could eat. i want to feed my (and your!) skin good FOOD! Skin food!