Potin Potions PoP Ups !


So i hear you wondering, "how do I get me some?!" Well, right now i pretty much sell out of my trunk and sometimes put on Potin Pop Ups with tea and cookies.

 The idea of keeping up with stocks and serious business makes me anxious, and when I get anxious I can't make products...see? So nothing regular but some ephemerical appearances.

I naturally fall into an intuitive path of relating to plants and medicine making, which often means slow, recipe-less, by hand and only when the moon is just so. I want to keep this connection sacred and not feel forced onto the biz biz treadmill. My intention is to keep listening to those moments of inspiration to create medicine in season. But when I make, I make in big batches, and then I host pop ups to share the abundance of what has come through with my community.

If you are interested in purchasing products, send me your pigeon and see what I have in stock. 

I'm also available to make something special for you or organize "make your own self care products" workshops or any other strange and wonderful idea. I love helping folks make their own medicine and beauty care products from natural, high quality ingredients that might be growing in their yard or a field across the creek.

Imagination's the limit, mes amis.


Some products..

(changes with the seasons and inspiration)